Monday, January 12, 2009

Of Note...

Wow! I have to say that I am genuinely surprised that I got a comment! Somehow this changes things knowing that the microphone is on, so to speak. Kind of like the Starwars kid when he found out that his tape was on the internet. I bet he didn't play with video cameras after that. Nevertheless...

Don't tell, but another reason why I decided to start writing on my own blog more was because I felt a little funny on our family blog. I posted a couple of blogs and it didn't seem like anyone was reading our blog anymore. Then my wife posted and the comments go off the charts. Like an audience there to see a huge rock band while the little opener band is singing away. The audience is like, "man, just get off the stage!" Not that comments matter to me, but I do think that I should just post somewhere else and leave that stage to my Sweetheart.

Well, now on to the "Of Note" in the subject. I thought I would say some of the things of note I have experienced lately. At least the ones I can write about.

In the past 6 months I...

Have been in four earthquakes
--Four that I could feel at least, and two that were over 6.0, I hear.

Have been in several rocket/mortar attacks
--One of the rockets hit so close to me that I was coughing on the dust it kicked up. It smelled like a 4th of July fountain after it has been spent. Yuck! Purple heart for a runny nose maybe? By the way, they really do make that high pitch whistle that moves to a lower pitch as they come in, just like on the cartoons and movies.

Witnessed the Gospel Returning to a Part of the World for the first time in almost 2,000 Years
--I was there when the first district and first branches were formed in the middle east.

Drove through a minefield
--My thoughts: "Stay in those tire tracks, stay in those tire tracks"

Spent New Year's Eve in a Bunker
--Wee! Not that we were under attack and I had to be in there. I just thought it would make a good story. Plus the fact, and I'm dead serious, that it was the most exciting thing going on that I could think to do. Wow, that's lame.

Grew a mighty "beard"
--An inch (in some spots). I grow the classic Brigham Young beard when it comes in. It's all contained under my jaw.

Ran a 10 Miler
--Yup, all at once without walking. Took me about 2 hours or something like that. I've never been so proud to get a T-Shirt. I also ran 9.11 KM on Septemer 11th. When I ran that one, it was the most I'd ever run at any one time. Then I did the 10 miler. What's next?

Went to Les Miserables
--Awesome experience! It was at an outdoor theater, so they could do more, like have real animals, real explosions, fireworks, etc. And between scenes when the lights went out, you could see millions of stars up above, and the milky way truly was milkier than I have seen in a very long time.

Tried Glass Blowing
--Made a couple of flowers. It truly was one of the more interesting things I've done and would like to try again given the opportunity. The most beautiful thing about glass to me is that it really is still a liquid. It's just a VERY slow moving liquid. So I look at the sculpture I made and it reminds me of sculpted water.

Had a Two Star General Act on My Advice
--Well, it was our teams advice. I siphoned a little credit, kind of like a proud messenger who didn't do much more than deliver a note and then takes credit for a turn in the tides of war from that message. But, I will say that my team has done some real good here and has definitely made a different that is worth noting! I can't believe how lucky I am to have worked with the people that I've gotten to work with.

Got to Meet The President
--Sounds better than it was. I was in a group that he visited, so I was among a few hundred people. It was still cool though. I almost shook his hand but he switched to the other side of the walk-way before. Then a Secret Service guy pushed me back.

Won a Horseshoe Tournament
--Hey, come on! It was notable to me! It actually was a proud moment for me, and very fun!

Eh, there's a lot more stuff of note, but I'll leave it out of this entry. The biggest things of note for me is how much my family is changing in my absence. I feel like I'm missing so much. My daughter could barely speak when I left, and now she chatters out sentences. I'll never forget the day I was talking to my wife and my daughter wanted to talk to me. A tiny voice got on the phone and in a sad voice with just a little pout she said, "Dad, I miss you!" Moments like that mean more than any of the other grand and flashy moments, which pale in comparison.


Ryan said...

Just so you know, it's more than just that little squeaky voice that misses you. We all miss you, and we are excited to have you back. Our prayers are still with you.

Megan said...

You saw Les Miserables there? Where? It's hard for me to imagine life being normal in any way there. Like people putting on a play at an outdoor theater. And yes, the ten-miler is very impressive!!

My friend's husband was in Iraq until just recently and he had a blog that he wrote on all the time. It was so interesting to read. It's nice to hear about things from someone who's really there and not just the media. Keep writing!! We love you!

Charmaine said...

My favorites:
#1 Seeing the gospel return to the middle east (of course.)
#2 Seeing Les Mis outdoors. I love Les Mis. It's my all time favorite musical!!
(Almost makes me wish I were there!)

And isn't it funny how much a couple of little comments on a blog can totally make your day?

Charmaine said...

My favorites:
#1 Seeing the gospel return to the middle east (of course.)
#2 Seeing Les Mis outdoors. I love Les Mis. It's my all time favorite musical!!
(Almost makes me wish I were there!)

And isn't it funny how much a couple of little comments on a blog can totally make your day?

Craig & Carla said...

I add Craig's and my little squeaky voice to say we miss you too!

Your kids are growing and changing but there is still a lot more of that to do and you will be able to be there for them. Thank you for letting us have them in your absence.

We love you and can't wait for you to come home.

Keep up the blogging. I find it very interesting to hear the different experiances you are having.

Clark & Chelsie said...

I think you should add "received comment on blog" to that list of things that has happened!