Friday, October 5, 2007

Conference is Finally Here!

Here's a list of ways you can participate in conference:

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l3rit said...

So, I love the Army and the National Guard, but here's one thing I definitely don't like: drill weekend somehow almost always coincides with General Conference. Again, I was only able to make it to the Priesthood Session. It was a great session, of course, but I would have loved to be able to watch the other ones live.

On a completely different topic, do you still have the lyrics to Corn On the Cob? Did you guys ever finish making that music video? If not, I think I'd like to do it some time. I won't have the time for it until after I graduate, but after then I'll be able to devote some time to fun things.

Yeah, only two months until my graduation and comissioning. It'll be an interesting change of pace.

Kel's Husband said...

l3rit, I see you speak some 1337. That's one thing I love about being in the unit that I'm in is that I don't ever recall having drill on conference weekend. In fact, that seems like a bad time for drill all around (the first or last week of a month).

The funny thing is that I was just talking about that "Corn on the Cob" thing last week! Jare has worked on it a little bit, but I don't know how much progress he's made.

We will be moving back to Utah in January, so maybe we can work on it then!

l3rit said...

I haven't seen Jaren for a while...years, I guess. By late January I'll of course be done with school and I (hopefully) won't be quite off to BOLC II yet, so let me know when we can get together. I'd love to put hours into such a project. I don't know if you guys have good video (DVD) editing software, but if you do, I have even more I'd like to do with Episodes I-III...

The other inconvenient thing about generally having drill on the first weekend of the month is that it fouls up Fast Sunday.

By the by, I don't actually use much 1337 at all. I just didn't like the fact that, despite having typed my name with a capital first letter, it shows up all in lowercase. So, I forced a capital pseudoletter, which I think ends up being even slightly stylish. Heh. It works, anyway. I'm just glad the thing doesn't end up showing my name as "l3ritt"...

Kel's Husband said...

|-|4j. Sometimes you can't tell what 1337 is trying to say (that was a leet "Haj". I found a way sweet plug in for Firefox though. Just google "Firefox Plug ins" and do the "Leet" plug in. There's some other things you can do, like translate text into binary or morse code or things like that. Kind of fun.

Anyway, yes, we have some good equipment. I have a pretty good PC system and a couple of Macs, along with Premier Pro, Final Cut, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop CS, and a few other fun little programs for just such a task.

I also have a couple of really fun rifles we should go shoot sometime. I've been dying to get out and shoot them. I have an M-44 carbine, which shoots the same round as the Dragunov, and an AR-15 that's nicely suped up. I have holographic sites on it, aluminum hand guards, a bipod, a vertical grip, flip up iron sites... Oh yes, we must go shooting. Funny, I never really shot a gun until I was in hunter's safety, and then I didn't touch one until I joined the military. Now I love 'em!

l3rit said...

So, on the topic of rifles, I'll tell you that in Basic Training, I had a particular appreciation for Rifle Bayonet Training. Sure, it's archaic and nobody actually fights with bayonets these days (just picture your commander giving the command "fix bayonets!"), but I was just plain charged up during the training. We were all out in formation on the sand, swinging our bayonets in unison and shouting "KILL!" with every was very energizing in a way. Not that I want to use a bayonet on someone, goodness no, but when training to kill, I don't feel that it is right for me to take the business lightly, so it was quite intense.

Anyway, the point is that after those few days of training, when we marched out of there, my M16 felt more natural in my hands (particularly at the low ready) than just about anything. Ever since, I'm really quite comfortable with that rifle. Maybe that's weird for some people (I don't want to make non-soldier readers uncomfortable), but a soldier really should be comfortable with the weapons he'll have to use.

I don't know how to feel about the M4. It's too small. The smaller size helps, I'm sure, when in close quarters, but it doesn't feel the same as the M16. You've probably used an M4 a lot; you'll have to share your insights with me on that.

The AR-15 is essentially the same rifle as the M16, right?

Kel's Husband said...

I had a similar experience as that! I think it was the fact that you were doing more than use your M-16 to shoot, but also testing its balance and everything as you swung it around that it became almost an appendage. I actually rammed my whole bayonet and half my barrel through one of the targets, and the sheath was still on the bayonet. It took two Drill Sergeants to remove it from the target and three to get the sheath off since it got jammed on there so good. Yes, I was energized.

Yes, an AR-15 is essentially the same. I think you can get one that is longer, but most that I've ever seen are more like the M-4 and are carbines. In all other ways they have the exact same feel to them, except for one major difference, the selector only goes to semi. Everything else is so similar that it is actually interchangeable with an M-16.